• Hansin Co., Ltd.

    We prioritize people and the environment, adhering to ESG guidelines

  • A global company with a vision for the future

  • A trusted company with over 30 years of technology and know-how


Based on 30 years of trust, Hansin Co., Ltd.
Produces safe and environmentally friendly products.

  • Coffee cup

    Coffee Cups

    Production of various sized
    labeled coffee cups

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  • Lids


    Lids for powdered milk and protein containers,
    Safe design for all users from children to adults

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  • Spoons/Forks

    Spoons/forks (Utensils)

    Many types of spoons for various products such as
    powdered milk, pharmaceuticals, and lunch boxes.

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  • Crates


    Custom production of various types of
    crates by type, size, and color

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